About Us

Cleggstock Image is exclusively a rights-managed photo stock library. Our main objective is to provide clients with not only photographs but also master images. They look like a photo itself, but contain also all editing steps in line with Color management principles to prepare image for digital reproduction, either electronic or high quality print.
In this respect we are a specialist in the Drag & Publish imagery segment. By purchasing the photo from our portfolio you get the image perfectly prepared for publishing, including high-quality print.


For the best results our portfolio contains only images shot on professional reversal films with extra fine granularity and very high color saturation. Moreover, each slide film is scanned 16 times consecutively with true 16-bit color depth to get as much image data as possible for later processing.

Our portfolio is supplied by only staff photographers and we own proprietary rights to all pictures. It gives us full control over the entire image processing and increased security of client's rights.

Our photos broadly fall within the following categories: Nature & Landscape, Travel Destinations, Landmarks, Culture & Art, Abstract Photography, and Vector Graphic Arts. Due to the high quality of photos and additional tailor-made features our portfolio is intended for advertising, marketing and media purposes.

Every single image from our portfolio is available in both 8-bit JPEG format and 16-bit lossless TIFF format. It is only up to our clients which version they prefer and simply select before download.


Behind The Visible

From three basics to one perfection.

This concept is the cornerstone on which we built our project and services. It is based on precise scan as an ideal starting point for editing workflow in accordance with the strict Color Management principles. It gives us sufficient room for creating the final master image to accomplish a goal of our client.


Multi-sample scan

Acquiring a proper input file is one of the most important operation of the digital workflow. Entire editing process inevitably produces the loss of information step by step and it comes to a head when finishing the final product. On that account, we perform entire scanning process very accurately to acquire as much information from the original as possible.

Multi-sample scan enables to collect much more precise data related to a processed image. Especially in the darker areas of an image where the CCD sensors can capture a very small amount of light. In this case a very small amount of information is collected and that may cause the loss of the detail. But if the same image area is scanned multiple times in sequence, amount of the data is going to increase rapidly along with its quality as well.

Multi-sample scanning brings a higher quality level by extending the usable dynamic range: enhanced highlight and shadow detail for more faithful reproduction. For the best results we run 16 passes on a slide.

There are some other factors that affect the quality of a scan: resolution, input ICC profile, dynamic range and bit depth. The latter is one of the determinants of the final product quality. True 16-bit color depth enables a much wider range of adjustments based on a much larger amount of data per pixel. That leads to impressive increase of image quality, smoother tonal gradation and high saturated colors as a result. Simply said, the better scan the better reproduction.


CM editing workflow

All devices in digital workflow chain as digital camera, scanner, monitor or printer produce colors diffrerently. Color Management is a technology that primarily controls and sets these devices up to deliver consistent, predictable color from one device to the next.

As a first and essential step we calibrate all devices in our digital environment by colorimeter and spectrophotometer. Once the devices have been calibrated, subsequently a proper ICC profile is built. In order to use these profiles we use an ICC-compliant application Adobe Photoshop for editing images. Image editing process which is in accordance with Color Management principles must follow the strict rules.

Considering this fact we make only appropriate procedures and adjustments:

  • Optimizing white and black point, while maintaining the tonal range as large as possible;
  • Adjustment of contrast and density;
  • Adjustment of color balance and saturation;
  • Adjustment of highlights and shadow area of an image;
  • Out-of-gamut colors control.


We absolutely do not use in post-processing:

  • Destructive filters like sharpening, distortion, adding the noice and pixelating;
  • Photomontage and any other ways of digitallly manipulation;
  • Special effects;
  • Cropping;
  • Merging of images;
  • Removal of unwanted elements;
  • Image size alteration.

Master image

This file is a photograph which encompasses all necessary information for late processing like desktop publishing or online proofing. Master image is a result of post-processing when photograph contains all changes to the image like all adjustments, particular proofings and assigned input ICC profiles, but is independent of any output device.

Master image has not been resized or sharpened and no ICC printer profile has been assigned to it. This finished master image can be archived for long term storage or can be delivered right away to next processing.

Only when the purpose of use is chosen, can you apply following final adjustments:

  • Set required size and resolution of the image;
  • Assign printer profile, including CMYK separations;
  • Sharpen the image;

Even though the multi-sample scanning makes edges in the image slightly softer, you can sharpen the image to the much larger extent than if no multiscan is used.


Origin controlled

Exclusive ownership of the photos in our portfolio assures enhanced protection against its unauthorized use. It also enables to take complete control over the editing process from the initial scan to finishing when a photo is ready to publish as a master image.

It is very important to be familiar with the origin of the image source beacuse it is very difficult to integrate a photo with unknown origin and history to Color Management workflow and achieve predictable results.

The risk of unauthorized use is further minimized by the fact that we own secure-stored original film to each of our photos. It means you can better protect your campaigns and ideas.

Tailor-made services

Despite the fact that we are preparing our images for printing as master images, the client does not have to be satisfied with adjustments that we have done.

Because of the advantages of scanning and own portfolio we are able to rescan particular image and replace it in the clients account without any additional handling fee. On demand we can provide photos without any editing or format conversions, and with an optional color profile of client’s choice.

On demand we can provide extra high resolution images using a special drum scanner.




Images are processed in accordance with color management rules.

All images offered in the photo stock library are processed in accordance with the principles of Color Management and all photo editing is completed on film scanners and graphic monitors, which are calibrated with professional spectrophotometers. Color adjustments are processed on monitors with minimal chromatic aberration, which achieves that the produced images being faithful reproductions of their original artwork. Each photo is professionally prepared for publishing in RGB color space, the setting of white and black point dot is optimized, while maintaining the tonal range as large as possible. The initially assigned color profile does not undergo any further changes and all conversion losses are minimized. Upon downloading, the client receives a product which is ready for use without having to do any further time and cost-demanding graphics work.

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Your choice to download 16-bit high quality image or 8-bit jpg format.

A significant benefit for a client is the option of downloading either the 8-bit version of the selected photo with the usual JPG extension (smaller file size sufficient for web applications or presentations in digital media), or the 16-bit version at the lossless TIFF format. The latter option is of great importance for the more demanding clients when used for high quality printing as it allows a much greater range of adjustments than the 8-bit version of the same image. High-bit depth significantly reduces color distortion resulting from the loss of data occuring when editing photos. The benefits of having images with high color depth can only be realized if such a file is available right from the very beginning of the process. All images in our portfolio are captured on professional reversal films with extra fine granularity, which are then subsequently scanned into the native 16-bit depth.

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We protect your rights: No sharing with any other stock collection.

Our photo stock library offers images exclusively and solely from our own portfolio. We do not share any image collections with other stock libraries and none of our photos are available in any other stock libraries or at other suppliers and distributors. We are the sole and exclusive owners of the film originals, therefore we have full control over the entire image processing, from the initial source file creation to the final photo adjustments and thus, we can guarantee the highest quality of the final product to the client. Equally important advantage of having our own portfolio is the thorough control over the copyright of each photograph, which nowadays in the segment of RM images takes on even greater importance. Full control over the history of the image use gives our clients the assurance that photos have never been used before being included in our portfolio and no copies of our images have ever been created.

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Create own template with larger dimensions than original image.

Cleggstock offers Edit Friendly images, which allow the client to create a photo of a larger dimension than the one originally purchased without losing the image quality. Edit Friendly image has one or more edges defined as a solid color, i.e. constant and precisely defined RGB values, such a version will be provided to the client free of charge as a bonus when buying a photograph. You will find these values listed under My Account/My Purchases section next to the purchased image in the Edit Friendly section. It is possible to set RGB values as the background values in the graphics editor based on the needs of each client. Then, by extending the original downloaded image in the direction of the calibrated edge the client can set such a dimension and proportion for the final image, that will suit the purpose of its use.

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