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Rights Managed Image Pricing

Rights-managed images are licensed for a specific use and cannot be used outside the terms defined in the license. This license specifies the permitted scope of use of the images and any restrictions on use as well as corresponding price.

The license fee of our rights-managed images is calculated based on a combination of several criteria:

  • Usage (e.g. Advertising Print, Editorial, Internal Company Use);
  • Specific use (e.g. Billboard, Newspaper, Social Media Advertising);
  • Size of use (e.g. 1/8, 1/2 page, full page);
  • Placement of image (e.g. Cover, Inside, Body of Program);
  • Duration of use (e.g. 1 month, 6 months, 10 years);
  • How many (e.g. 10, up to 1000, up to 1 million);
  • Distribution (e.g. Broadcast, Theatrical);
  • Territory (e.g. Worldwide, Americas, USA, Europe).

If you are preparing a multi-media campaign, and you need to use an image on more than one specific use, you can use our discount system for additional licenses. It allows the client to purchase each additional license for the same image at a reduced price, without any regard to other licenses (see more Discount Policy).

You can quickly and safely check the price of an image license by using Price calculator. You do not have to be registered or logged in to use this tool.

You can easily find the icon Calculate price on the bottom bar under each image thumbnail, or simply by tapping on the image in case of mobile devices.

If the license is unavailable due to an earlier purchase by another client, clear notification will immediately appear showing the specific time period and usage for which it is currently in use. You will therefore be able to assess better whether the availability of a specific image licence suits your needs in terms of timing, or whether to use another image alltogether.

If you need to use the image on more than one specific use, our discount system will help you to "design" your license package exactly in accordance to your needs (see more Discount Policy).

License Exclusivity Scope:
Territory and Industry exclusivity for each specific use is automatically included in the standard price of the image license. For example, if you buy a license for a specific use: billboard, territory: United States, industry: food, no other customer will be able to buy the same image for billboard not only for US market and food industry but neither for any other territory or industry within the same timeframe. Our system will automatically block the image license for selected specific use, regardless of the choice of territory or industry.

After purchasing the image license, the client will obtain an exclusivity in any Territory and in any Industry within the selected specific use. Therefore, there is only total exclusivity remaining beyond the scope and coverage of our standard license.

On demand, we can provide the option of total exclusivity for the images. This exclusivity is negotiated individually and will guarantee that no other client will use the same image during the same timeframe for any type of use, in any territory or industry.

Rights Managed Payment Process

You can add the images to the shopping cart without registering or logging.
If you want to buy an image, you need to register or log in to your account and open your shopping cart. Here you will find all the images, which you have added while being logged in or even while being logged out.

You can add the image with a specific license to the cart by clicking on the icon Calculate price under each image thumbnail. On mobile devices, first tap the image thumbnail and then tap the icon Calculate price. Pricing window opens automatically in both cases and you can choose the type of the license according to your needs. Then you simply add the photograph with selected license to the shopping cart.

You can add the image to the cart even without selecting the license. Just click on the Add to cart icon under each image thumbnail or, on mobile devices, tap the image thumbnail and then tap the icon Add to cart. In both cases, the images will be automatically added to the cart.

Step 1

For the reasons above, there can be both images with or without a license in your cart. If you wish to purchase an image and the license has not yet been specified, you need to select the license by using the Calculate price button. The license will then be automatically updated in your cart and you can continue with shopping or proceed to checkout.

In order to provide you with a timely and accurate price for the image licenses you intend to purchase, our system only sums up the amounts for items marked as Select for purchase. There can be images in the cart that the client intends to buy later, and thus not marked as Select for purchase. After the purchase has been completed, the unmarked images will remain in your cart and you can return to them at any time in the future without having to look them or their licenses up again.

In the same way, the client will get information about the total discount applied to multiple licenses (see more Discount Policy).

If you had added an image with a specific license in the cart some time ago and the license has meanwhile expired, a notification will appear immediately. You will then need to update the license by using the button Recalculate price. Our pricing system will notify you whether the updated date for the license is available.

If you had added an image with a specific license in the cart some time ago and another client bought the same license in the meantime, a notification will appear immediately. You will then need to change the license by using the button Recalculate price. Our pricing system will notify you whether the license for selected specific use and the date is available.

30-minute time limit for payment completion

For maximum security and protection of your rights, you will have 30 minutes to finish the payment, including any payments made using the PayPal website. That's why, the image license, which you have selected but not yet paid for, will be reserved for you and will be unavailable for purchase to other potential customers for 45 minutes. Hence, we can guarantee that no one else will buy this photo in the time between placing your order and the final payment.

If the notification "License is temporarily not available. Please wait for 45 minutes and refresh your Shopping cart" appears above the image license, it means that another client is at that moment in the process of payment for the same image license.

If the client, for various reasons, fails to complete the purchase of a license, the system will unlock it after 45 minutes and the license will automatically become available to all clients. If you did not manage to complete the payment within the time limit, please return to our website, where you remain logged in, and restart the payment process by accessing your shopping cart again. Selected photos will remain in your cart; just wait until the notification of temporarily blocked license disappears.

Before moving to the next step of the purchasing process, all images that you intend to buy, must have valid license and must be marked as Select for purchase.

Step 2

On the Shopping Cart - Step 1 page continue by clicking on the button Continue with shopping. On the next page Shopping Cart - Step 2 fill in additional data required (End Client, Licensed to), and if necessary, change the personal data, then check the consent with the License Agreement once you are ready to proceed. You can download the License Agreement in PDF format and you should read it carefully to get familiar with the terms it contains.

Step 3

To complete the purchasing process, review all data and confirm the order by clicking Place your order button on the Shopping Cart - Step 3 page. You will then be redirected to the PayPal website, where you can choose from two forms of payment. You can pay either by selecting a credit card (most major types such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express are accepted), or make the payment through your PayPal account.

If you already have a PayPal account, you may choose the option Pay with my PayPal account to finish your order. If you would like to pay with a payment card directly without having to login in to your PayPal account, choose the option Pay with a debit or credit card, PayPal or Credit.

We care about the maximum security of the entire payment process to make sure that every transaction is safe, smooth, quick and without any complications. Therefore all payments are processed by PayPal, a secure online payments system that automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to PayPal servers using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). When you use PayPal, your financial information is not shared with the merchant (with us).


Downloading Purchased Images

You can download the image immediately after the payment of the license fee. After successfully completing the payment process on PayPal website, you will be redirected back to our website Right after that, the notification confirming this step will appear. There will be a link for immediate download of the image, which then redirects you to the section My Account/Purchases. At the same time you will receive an e-mail confirming successful payment and containing a download link and attached invoice with license details and paid amount.

You will find a list of all your purchases under Purchases in My Account where you can download each image and the corresponding invoice with detailed license. The image will be available for download throughout the duration of the license, i.e. until the last day of the license validity.

In order to provide to our clients the best service possible, we offer an option of presenting our image internally or generally using it in the preparatory work phase prior to the start of the license term. For this reason, the client will be able to download a full-sized image right after the successful completion of the payment, which can however be before the license period starts. Please note however, that the client can definitely not publish the image or otherwise use it contrary to the terms of the License Agreement before the official start of the license period.

Before downloading the image, you will be able to choose the format: TIFF for high quality print or JPG as a standard format.

You can download an invoice for each image whenever you wish, without any time limit, even after the license has expired.

Discount Policy

If you are planning an advertising or a promotional campaign intended for various media at different times and distributed through various channels, you will need multiple use for your RM image. Since we understand the necessity to build a structured marketing campaign, we take these specifics into account when introducing the pricing based on our Discount Policy.

Due to the varying requirements in the preparation phase, the licenses for print use are usually purchased earlier than those published in the electronic media. Similarly, it is a common practice that the materials for web use require licenses for wider territory than in the case of printed materials when working on the same campaign.

It is obvious that in this case you need to create either a single multi-license or a multiple licenses, which will consider all those specifics. However, if opting for a single multi-license, you cannot select all the items independently from each other, for example, you can not choose two different license terms for two different uses. For this reason we decided to offer you the option of creating your own license package for the same image in order to pay only for what you really need.

Our Discount Policy is transparent and comes to support your customization needs. If you buy your first license, you will have each additional license for the same image available at a 15% discount. So, you will be able to create your own license package, where each of the licenses you select will have its own usage, specific use, circulation, size, territory, industry and timeframe without any regard to additional licenses. This is a customized license package with the discount applied independently to each single license selected except the first one.

Each additional license reduces the risk that the same photograph can be used in a similar advertising or promotional campaign and provides a better control over your investment.

You can search and view the images on our website without registering or being logged in.
We offer several search options to make it easier for you to find the right image:

Search by preselected keywords and categories

One of the big issues the web users face today, is the huge amount of information in which it is difficult to find exactly what you need. That becomes particularly apparent when searching for images in stock photo agencies or other photo sources on the internet.

We are fully aware of this fact and therefore we have prepared a system of preselected keywords and categories that help our clients or visitors to save time by quickly navigating our photo stock library. The result is an immediate and precise orientation in a range of themes in which our photo stock library specializes. By using this option our clients and visitors can get a relatively quick idea of ​​what can be expected from our services.

For this very reason we have dedicated a large portion of our homepage to the categories displayed in thumbnails, and a list of preselected geographical and general keywords.

Our focus on navigation by using preselected keywords is to provide ease of use when searching our images. Instead of typing in the search terms, our clients and visitors just need to tap or click on their preselected equivalents. The users of mobile devices will particularly benefit from this option.

The Smart Search tool enables searching by preselected keywords to any users anywhere on our website. It is a scrollable drop-down bar with a list of preselected keywords that can be easily expanded or hidden by clicking on the Smart Search button. For better navigation the button turns to grey when the bar is expanded.

If you decide on keeping the bar opened, you can easily make a virtual tour across all our portfolio to bring you to interesting new ideas.

Let yourself get inspired by simply clicking on the always present, visible, and accessible Smart Search button in the header of the webpage.

Entering keywords into the search box

This is the most common way of searching. Just enter or type in the keyword into the Search bar and press enter. All results that match your keyword will display on the Search results page where you can view the thumbnails of the images found.

Boolean operators

Simple words can be used to combine or exclude the keywords in order to get more specific results when searching. These are known as Boolean operators.

By default, all images are searched by using the operator AND. It means that your search results will only include images with all the keywords that you are exactly looking for. For example, if you enter keywords (without separating comma) "USA abstract", the images found will include both terms.

It may be the case that the system will not return any results simply because none of the images include all the searched keywords. For example, if you are looking for images including "USA China sealion abstract" keywords, the system will not find any results. At least one of the keywords will always be missing because the same sealion can not live in both USA and China at the same time.

In this case, you can search by using the operator OR for broader or more diverse results. It means that your search results will include all images with either one or more of those keywords. In our case, the system will return all the images that include at least one or more keywords of USA, China, sealion, abstract.

Our system will offer this option automatically after a search with the AND operator has not returned any results. After 0 images found on the Search results page a notification will appear, offering a string of all searched keywords with ALL at the end. The term ALL does refer to searching by using the OR operator (ALL option = OR). So the client is informed that he/she can find all images related to the searched keywords.

In our example above, a notification will appear with the following keyword string: "Search usa china sealion abstract ALL".

When searching by using the OR operator (in our case ALL option), the system will display significantly more results than in the case of just using the AND operator. These results are not displayed randomly but according to logical criteria.

If the search is not successful even after using the ALL option, it means that none of our images include any of the searched keywords.

Similar images search

If you click on the image thumbnail or the Plus icon on the bottom bar under each image thumbnail on the Search results page, (or tap the same icon on mobile device), Large Preview window will appear. Here in the pop-up window, you will find several options to help you search for similar images.

Click on the Search similar images images button or use the selectboxes in the Search similar images by keywords section at the bottom of this window. Just tick one or more keywords and confirm the search. Large Preview window will then automatically close and the Search results page will display the images matching the selected keywords.

Search Tips

Following these tips will help you optimize your search:

  • Given the focus of our portfolio we recommend foremost to search by using the preselected keywords in order to get fast and relevant results;
  • To obtain the most relevant search results we recommend to use the Filter function (see more How to use Filter);
  • When using the Filter function we recommend you search for the same keywords both with and without the ALL option activated (see more), and compare the results found;
  • Singular = Plural: it does not matter whether you type a single or plural search phrase;
  • Keywords are not case-sensitive: it does not matter whether you use uppercase or lowercase letters;
  • You can choose the number of search results (20, 50, 100) displayed by clicking on the Display drop-down menu on the toolbar above the search results on the Search results page;
  • When using Search Similar Images By Keywords in the pop-up window Large Preview, the selected keywords will be searched with the ALL option (read more) without being displayed in tabs;
  • Given the fact that the most optimal and relevant results are achieved by using up to 4 keywords please consider the impact of using more keywords on the high calculation demands and the resulting slowdown of the system.

How to use Filter

The Filter on the Search results page is a tailor-made functionality, which closely works with our search engine. The Filter function considers all the keywords from images displayed on the Search results page and shows the list of 36 most frequent and most relevant results.

Just run a search, either by entering the keyword into the search box or by clicking on the preselected keyword (or tapping on mobile device). Filter is available in the upper part of the Search results page just above the images displayed. Click on the Filter button and a list of keywords related to all the images will be displayed. You only need to tick the keywords that catch your attention to start new search.

The Filter function allows you to get more specific but especially more productive results. Here you can work with a group of keywords related to all the images found, but not limited to only those you have exactly looked for. As they are linked together and overlapping, they can provide you with the impetus for new ideas or new inspirations. In the end, you can take a completely different direction or theme than the one you have originally gone to search.

The Filter will display specific keyword tags with an icon X (Close) above the search results. If you change the number of keyword tags using the icon Close, the search engine will immediately update the search results without having to confirm each operation. If you delete all the keyword tags, the system will display the results matching the original searched keyword or keywords.

The filter is set by default to search with the AND operator (see more Boolean operators), but you can also choose to search with the OR operator by ticking the box ALL.

How ALL option works

The ALL option uses the Boolean operator OR when searching for images. If an image includes at least one of the searched keywords, the system will display it among the found results. For this reason, the name of this option is derived as "ALL results related to the searched keywords".

The ALL option is the most frequently used when searching a keyword combination, and no results were found in a default search. However, we suggest you try searching the same keywords in the Filter function by both activating and deactivating the ALL option, and then comparing the found results. Although the ALL option increases significantly the number of results found, you do not have to worry about sifting through randomly displayed images. Our system already arranges the search results according to strict criteria such as the number of matching keywords, the image quality or the ranking of the searched term in the chain of keywords of each image, etc.

If, after searching by the Filter on the Search results page, a notification „No results“ appears, we strongly recommend returning one step back, reopen the Filter and choosing the same keywords while enabling the ALL option.



Images are processed in accordance with color management rules.

All images offered in the photo stock library are processed in accordance with the principles of Color Management and all photo editing is completed on film scanners and graphic monitors, which are calibrated with professional spectrophotometers. Color adjustments are processed on monitors with minimal chromatic aberration, which achieves that the produced images being faithful reproductions of their original artwork. Each photo is professionally prepared for publishing in RGB color space, the setting of white and black point dot is optimized, while maintaining the tonal range as large as possible. The initially assigned color profile does not undergo any further changes and all conversion losses are minimized. Upon downloading, the client receives a product which is ready for use without having to do any further time and cost-demanding graphics work.

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Your choice to download 16-bit high quality image or 8-bit jpg format.

A significant benefit for a client is the option of downloading either the 8-bit version of the selected photo with the usual JPG extension (smaller file size sufficient for web applications or presentations in digital media), or the 16-bit version at the lossless TIFF format. The latter option is of great importance for the more demanding clients when used for high quality printing as it allows a much greater range of adjustments than the 8-bit version of the same image. High-bit depth significantly reduces color distortion resulting from the loss of data occuring when editing photos. The benefits of having images with high color depth can only be realized if such a file is available right from the very beginning of the process. All images in our portfolio are captured on professional reversal films with extra fine granularity, which are then subsequently scanned into the native 16-bit depth.

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We protect your rights: No sharing with any other stock collection.

Our photo stock library offers images exclusively and solely from our own portfolio. We do not share any image collections with other stock libraries and none of our photos are available in any other stock libraries or at other suppliers and distributors. We are the sole and exclusive owners of the film originals, therefore we have full control over the entire image processing, from the initial source file creation to the final photo adjustments and thus, we can guarantee the highest quality of the final product to the client. Equally important advantage of having our own portfolio is the thorough control over the copyright of each photograph, which nowadays in the segment of RM images takes on even greater importance. Full control over the history of the image use gives our clients the assurance that photos have never been used before being included in our portfolio and no copies of our images have ever been created.

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Create own template with larger dimensions than original image.

Cleggstock offers Edit Friendly images, which allow the client to create a photo of a larger dimension than the one originally purchased without losing the image quality. Edit Friendly image has one or more edges defined as a solid color, i.e. constant and precisely defined RGB values, such a version will be provided to the client free of charge as a bonus when buying a photograph. You will find these values listed under My Account/My Purchases section next to the purchased image in the Edit Friendly section. It is possible to set RGB values as the background values in the graphics editor based on the needs of each client. Then, by extending the original downloaded image in the direction of the calibrated edge the client can set such a dimension and proportion for the final image, that will suit the purpose of its use.

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